Waiting for you at Chillventa 2018

We are going to exhibit at Chillventa 2018!!

  Chillventa_2018_Logo_300dpi_rgb.jpg Chillventa_image.png

If you are going to exhibit as well, or if you are planning to visit, please come to our booth at Hall 8-614.
Unfortunately, I cannot come, but one of my colleague and our president Toru Oshima will be waiting for you.
They will surely be happy to talk to you.
Chillventa is an exhibition for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilating and heat pumps (so called as HVACRs).
And our market for HVACRs in Japan is more than 60%, meaning that we are an expert about filter strainers for HVACRs.
The metal filters and strainers that we produce, like shown below, are used in all kinds of parts in machineries.


These filters purify anything that flows, such as liquid, solids, gases, and even light. They lead to higher machinery performance, improvement in environment, and longer life span of machineries. To be specific, our filters are applied into drier, compressors, accumulators, evaporators, control valves and various other HVACR components.
Looking forward to seeing you at Chillventa.



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